Be Wary of Worldly Wisdom

Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.

Proverbs 11:14

Most will acknowledge that when it comes to major life decisions, it is better to seek the advice and wisdom of others, than to fly solo and rely completely on one’s own thoughts and feelings. While bringing in other informed points of view can certainly be considered “best practice” as it relates to charting our future paths, we leave ourselves vulnerable to Satan’s ongoing attacks if the imparted wisdom aligns with our human flesh and worldly sensibilities.

Early on in my marriage crisis, I experienced encouraging hope after learning I wasn’t alone in the pursuit of external counsel. To my surprise and delight, I discovered my spouse had begun counseling at a well-known “Christian” counseling center in our area. Unfortunately for our family and relationship, the more time she spent receiving that particular counsel, the further away she drifted from the Lord and our marriage.

From my perspective, it was difficult to reconcile how this could occur. I was of the persuasion that Christian counseling would push my wife closer to God. After all, the theme of Scripture is based on a Holy God reconciling Himself to sinful man. It seemed to me that even the least qualified Christian counselor would understand that, and would surely point his or her clients in a direction that aligns with this overarching message. I was wrong…

This “Christian” counseling center listed therapists and guidance professionals on their website. As I scanned through the listing in an attempt to better understand the type of counsel my wife was receiving, one particular individual stood out and caused red flags to go up. I hoped this wasn’t the person counseling Amy. I had a strong sense it was, and sadly this proved to be the case.

So discouraging it was to read the counselor’s bio… It was a resume that boasted of the secular and even “new age” areas of expertise. Ironically, the last bulleted entry on her list of professional descriptors was “spiritual growth.” That specific entry proved to be a telling sign that spoke to how this particular counselor viewed the authority of Scripture.

Not too long after discovering my wife’s alliance with the world, I was convinced the “Christian” counselor was actually doing the work of Satan. Instead of driving my wife to the foot of the cross, she was encouraged to double-down on self. Popular catch phrases like “DREAM BIG”, and “YOU DO YOU” seemed to be Amy’s guiding principles, and from what I could tell, the essential takeaways from her counseling visits. I distinctly remember how confrontational and hostile she was towards me immediately following these paid “guidance” encounters. By any objective measure, it was clear her attitude was not being influenced by the Spirit of the Lord.

Recognizing the harmful voices in my wife’s life prompted me to spend countless hours in prayer as I petitioned the Lord to remove each and every one from their sphere of influence. As time progressed, the Lord was faithful to systematically take them away. As this was happening, so too was the change in Amy’s mind and spirit. Not having her heartstrings pulled and manipulated by agents of the enemy made a tremendous difference as it related to our situation. As the negative and false wisdom was removed, the Lord was gracious to fill the void with loving, gentle, and gracious believers who helped influence the shift in her mindset. I can’t express how grateful I am to those individuals.

For the wisdom of this world is folly with God. For it is written, “He catches the wise in their craftiness.”

1 Corinthians 3:19

After restoration, my wife was quick to acknowledge the harmful influence worldly counsel had on her life. Had she been open to the Lord and submitted to the discerning spirit God had placed in her heart, much collateral damage due to the divorce could have been avoided. But for my precious wife at the time, and others now, true wisdom that comes from Jesus is avoided like the plague. Prodigals will run to advice or council that agrees with their flesh. It is for this reason, the desire for solid, Biblical counseling is the last thing on their radar.

If you are going through a marriage crisis, be careful who you are getting advice from. If it appeals to your flesh and elevates pride and righteous indignation for your prodigal, then the counsel is not rooted in truth. Be willing to fully submit to the voice and wisdom that comes only from the Lord. In the end, it is His will and influence in our lives that will stand the test of time and leave us truly fulfilled.

In Christ,

Tommy Larson

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  1. Tommy,
    I am so sorry that “Christian” counseling by this particular counselor caused so much damage. I know that in my own situation that there have been counselors (christian and not) that have not been helpful. I agree that we who claim to be followers of Christ should filter EVERYTHING through His word. I would hate for someone to become fearful though of not reaching out for professional help when needed because of the belief that all counselors are ungodly. That is not true. I would encourage anyone who seeks any type of counsel (friends, family, church, or from professionals) that they never take what is said as truth without checking it to the word of God and with prayer.

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