Purposed Marriage is a Christian-based ministry located in Knoxville, Tennessee dedicated to husbands and wives finding themselves in troubled or broken marriages. Our goal is to unite the hurting and offer Biblical hope and encouragement. Our message is simple: God can and does heal even when all hope seems lost.

After ten years of marriage, the toll of stress, work, lack of communication, and pride, left our marriage in a precarious state. Inevitably, the foundations crumbled, and our marriage journey appeared over as divorce became a painful reality. But God, in His perfect timing, softened our hardened hearts and through miraculous circumstances restored love and created a oneness that only He could.

As Isaiah 46:11 reads, “… I have spoken, I will also bring it to pass; I have purposed, and I will do it.” We believe Christ “purposed” all our circumstances to ultimately bring glory to Himself. We pray that our story and posts shared here encourage you to stand and persevere in your marriage. No situation or relationship is beyond the power of God to heal and restore.

In Christ,
Tommy & Amy Larson