Faithfulness, Healing and Reconciliation, Waiting on God

Remain Steady in the Storm

In this episode of the Purposed Marriage podcast, we discuss the importance of remaining calm and laying our anxieties to rest as we put our trust and hope in Christ.

Link to Cardboard Testimonial Video Segment

1 thought on “Remain Steady in the Storm”

  1. Thanks so much Tom and Amy, I appreciate you both and pray for your family daily. I enjoyed this podcast and the cardboard testimonies too, just beautiful! Some time ago I stopped asking God “why” and “when” and instead ask “how” every day. How can I bring glory to You in how I respond to this situation, surrender to Your will, and love up on those You place in my path? My heart aches for Rosina, as a bride and friend, but even more so as a sister in Christ. So I seek His face and His heart, I pray for her fervently, for her to be restored with our Father, and I thank Him in advance for “how” He is going to work this out. I have nothing to fear when I am standing on the right side of God. And I will not be judged by how much I endure, but by how much I love. Peace and blessings to you, and thank you for your prayers.

    In Christ,

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