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Defend Your Stand

In this Purposed Marriage podcast episode, we examine strategies of the enemy used to discourage and threaten your marriage stand. We’ll also provide tips for utilizing Biblical resources to defend against attacks from a prodigal spouse.

4 thoughts on “Defend Your Stand”

  1. Tom & Amy,

    Keep up the good work. You are right. people will discourage you from standing. I have had my pastor even do this. Once I told him that I believed God started me on this journey for a reason and that I believed that God didn’t start something where he didn’t have restoration in mind…he is now standing and believing with me. Not to say that people aren’t well intentioned as they see how hurt you as a man or woman are and all they want to do is help you feel better.
    All standers need to remember that this is something that God is using and we never know how important it is to stand for our spouses and how important it is for us to show the world what Unconditional Love looks like…and what better way than to your spouse.

  2. I praise God for you two. I have loved all your encouragement the last 6 months or so since I found you. This latest podcast was fantastic and came at the perfect time. I had listened to over half of it the day before the latest attack came from my wife(ex). Because of what I have learned from God, you two, and Charlyne, I was able to stay calm, cool and collected. Thank you so much for what you do!

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