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Thankfulness vs. Hopelessness

In this episode of the Purposed Marriage podcast, we discuss the Thanksgiving season and how to properly view our circumstances in light of our identity as born-again Christians.

15 Powerful Bible Verses About Thankfulness and Gratitude

4 thoughts on “Thankfulness vs. Hopelessness”

  1. Thank both of you for sharing so openly. I have not received an email reply from Rosina in 6 weeks, and her last reply was very cold. Since then I have taken our Christmas tree and handmade ornaments from my Momma and delivered them to her door while she was at work. I want her to be blessed in her new home, which was to be ours. I have reached out with cards and emails of encouragement, letting her know that I pray for her always and that I love her.

    Thanksgiving day I left a VM for her and emailed a nice note, and then felt kind of sad. Then it dawned on me, that if I wasn’t in this very place this very moment, God would not be having His way in my heart and molding me into who He created me to be. My countenance changed to complete gratitude, and it struck me that my holiness is more important to God than my happiness. His way and will are perfect, and I trust Him fully.

    My heart is heavy, yet Jesus renews and refreshes me. He offers me the opportunity and the responsibility to be a prayer warrior for Rosina, both now and after He places us together again. If all I can do is pray, then what a privilege of a ministry that is, and I will pray fervently and faithfully and with thankfulness. Blessings to you and your family. 🙂

    1. Your story mirrors mine in terms of her being cold. But, as you say, we get to pray for them even as God works on our hearts.

  2. In matters like this, when unlawful actions have occurred, there does need to be accountability. This is where the courts need to step in. As a father, you do have your parental rights. You should exert them for the benefit of your child at this point. Continue to stand for restoration, while at the same time fighting sin.

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