Healing and Reconciliation

Turn the Other Cheek

In this episode of the Purposed Marriage Podcast, we explore the importance of turning the other cheek and discuss how this non-combative approach to dealing with tense situations can produce positive results.

5 thoughts on “Turn the Other Cheek”

  1. I found y’all by hearing your testimony on Rejoice Ministries and I am so blessed that God led me to y’all. Awesome message on “Turning the Other Cheek!” Thank you for your openness and transparency. Your broadcast is a great encouragement for me as I seek restoration. Thank you for the reminder that if restoration is God’s will for my life that He will see me through it. I too have been labeled as “one who will never change” and God is working in me to prove His power is not limited by false labels. Praying now that my wife understands that believing that “label” is indeed following false teaching because with God all things are possible. God bless you Tom and Amy!
    Michael in Alabama.

  2. Thanks for this podcast, I very much appreciate both of you. I am standing on God’s Word and His promises for restoration. My bride is being very hardhearted and it is discouraging, yet I continue to reach out to her with love and kindness. I am sending an email to her tonight, as that is the only way to communicate right now. Everything is in the hands of our Father. I appreciate your prayers.

  3. This has really encouraged me. Two weeks ago I thought I had blown it after a discussion with my wife that went south, and after which she promptly blocked all communications. A couple of weeks later, I feel like it was God’s way of forcing me to really let go of all efforts of trying to fix this situation by my own power. That He is forcing me to first and foremost focus on my walk with Him, and get to a place of maturity in my relationship with him without the distraction of trying to win my wife back by my own strength.

    I am glad to say that I have began Biblical counseling at church. My prayer is that the patterns that have characterized my life shall begin to change as I continue with the sessions.

    Once more, thank you so much for your ministry!

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