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The Divorce Delusion

In this episode of the Purposed Marriage Podcast, Amy and I address common questions individuals struggle with when contemplating divorce. Our discussion is focussed on finding Biblical answers that are in line with Christ’s teaching and design for marriage.

7 thoughts on “The Divorce Delusion”

  1. Thank for your teaching and for sharing your experience. I stand in agreement with our Father for reconciliation of our marriage and trust His timing, that He will be glorified in all things. Please keep Rosina and me in prayer.
    Thank you, and God Bless,

  2. Thank you so much for your ministry! My covenant husband and I are mirror images of the two of you. The only thing is I am like Tommy and Mike is Amy. Amy, this helped me so much trying to understand what happened to our marriage. God bless! ♥️

    1. Thank you for listening and reaching out to us! We hear this often. Sadly, because the enemy uses the same lies over and over to deceive us. We pray the blinders will be removed from your husband’s eyes so he can see he has been entangled in the snare of satan (2 Timothy 2:25-26). Praising God for the clarity He has given you during your stand! May the Lord continue to sustain you.

  3. I have listened to this podcast (as well as the one you did on RMM) several times already. And gone through your entire archive of articles (re-reading some of the posts a number of times). Your story is so similar to mine. Even down to certain details, like my being a photographer like Amy. My wife for the longest prayed for me to change, but I did not. Then earlier this year I did something that broke her heart big time, completely shattering her trust in a very deep and foundamental way, resulting in her saying we needed to get a divorce. That got my attention. I am now the one that has fervently turned to God, desiring that we are restored, even as God works on transforming me into the man He created me to be, but my wife has completely rejected God and is actively living a life of rebellion against Him. She is filing for a formal separation end of this month which will transmute into a divorce after three years (where we are it takes that long for a divorce to come through). My prayer, first and foremost, is that God would save her. That He would get through to her heart and reveal Himself to her in a very real way, and that she would surrender her life to Christ fully. And that God would build the house that is our marriage into a new creation. And that we would glorify Him in this new marriage by serving Him in ministering to couples, just like the two of you. Thank you so much for your ministry.

  4. Tommy,

    Thank you for your’s and Amy’s podcast. Thank you for asking about my wife’s name in your email last week. I know that all of our stories are different in some ways but just hearing Amy’s side of things on this podcast sounds so much like some of the things I have heard from my beloved. Thank you for sharing what each side of the mountain looked like when you guys were going thru the valley of brokenness. Many Prayers up!

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